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Changing the culture starts with a conversation. Speaker development is how we start those conversations.


"Alana helped me build a platform from scratch which connected me to my tribe and helped me build my own email list."

Melisha D.
Grassroots Director

"Alana is a powerful communicator and strategic thinker with a great eye."

Andrea E.
Wellness Entrepreneur

"During Covid, I was suffering from serious isolation and working with Alana gave me my sanity back."

Laura M.

How this works:

The goal of The Beauty First Method Foundations Program and Speaker School is simply to achieve greater impact through a range of business principles and techniques. I offer a self-paced curriculum and weekly Q&A calls so you can receive constructive feedback, clarity, encouragement, and professional guidance.
Essentially, you're getting a makeover—but for speaking.

Step 1: Vision Outline

The ultimate goals of who you want to serve and how you want to change the culture determines what aesthetic and language choices you make for your first touch-points. Build your business backwards.

Step 2: Build Funnel

Websites are outdated. Funnels are how we guide people through our work. Together, I'll lead you step-by-step as to how to build a funnel eco-system whereby you can attract, capture, nurture, and convert attention.

Step 3: Generate Demand

Once your funnel is built, then you can focus on relationship building and promotions. Learn techniques to rapidly expand your rolodex, reach more (of the right) people, and accomplish your goal of changing culture.

"My income has definitely increased since Alana came into my life."

Anna V.
Author & Business Owner

In my design journey filled with challenges and emotional strains, Alana has become an unwavering pillar, resonating with my creative highs and lows while offering indispensable emotional support and guidance. Her profound understanding and presence are now the driving force behind my growth and now the heartbeat of my future ventures.

Michael D.

"If you get the chance to work with Alana, you won't regret it. She knows what she is doing and deeply cares about people."

Savannah A.
Massage Therapist

Attract People.
Change Culture.

We craft beautiful funnels for one purpose—attracting people to your message.

Then craft irresistible offers that allow you to keep sharing your message for as long as you have a passion for it, hopefully changing the world for the better. 

Join Our Speaker School


  • Your fear of visibility.
  • Your God-given desire for relevance and significance.
  • Your need for meaningful connections.
  • The necessity of a visual identity.
  • The demystification of technological challenges.
  • Your movement's need for legitimacy and credibility.
  • Your audience's need for your message.
  • Your concerns about balancing authenticity and professionalism.
  • Your fear of feedback and criticism.
  • Your need for a support network.
  • Your worries about managing stress and overload.
  • Your fear of being seen as a grifter or profiteer.
  • Your legitimate need to pay bills as you fight for your cause.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Your inclination to accept mediocrity.

Who is the program for?

This program is tailor-made for visionary speakers and change-makers who are ready to elevate their impact in the world.

  • If you're cultivating a personal brand, keenly aware that your digital presence directly influences your work's success and profitability, this program is your stepping stone. It's particularly suited for those involved in online businesses where visual communication – think compelling graphics, professional photography, impactful typography, and dynamic video content, along with persuasive copy – is key to connecting with your audience.

  • For those who are at the early stages of their journey to make a difference and seeking a proven framework to grow, along with guidance from mentors who genuinely invest in your success, you'll find a home here.

  • And if the world of marketing funnels seems daunting and you're unsure where to begin in optimizing your outreach, we offer the roadmap you need. Our program simplifies complex marketing strategies, ensuring you're equipped to broaden your influence effectively.

Basically, if you're dedicated to creating positive change and understand the power of effective communication and marketing in realizing that vision, our Speaker School is designed for you.

Who is the program NOT for?

This program might not align with everyone's aspirations or needs. Specifically, it may not be the right fit for those who:

  • Do not subscribe to the idea that there are foundational principles of attraction and aesthetics capable of consistently engaging and captivating an audience.

  • Are content with their current state and do not aspire to enhance their productivity, social connections, financial stability, or overall happiness.

  • Have already achieved significant success in building and maintaining a strong personal brand, and do not require further development in this area.

  • Are not interested in using their personal transformation as a means to assist others or to contribute positively to a community.

  • Favor a lifestyle or professional approach marked by disorganization, conflict, limitations, or negativity.

  • Do not see the necessity of an effective marketing funnel and are satisfied with the current, possibly ineffective, use of their time on social media platforms.

This program is specifically crafted for aspiring speakers and individuals committed to making a meaningful change in the world. If your journey aligns with these goals, we welcome you to join us.

What You Get:

How we're going to help you implement and achieve these results is:

  1. Responsive coaching with Alana or a Beauty First Method staff member.
  2. Access to the Beauty First Method Private community.
  3. Access to weekly work-a-long and group critique sessions per month.
  4. Access to the complete training, tools, and templates program included with your Beauty First Method onboarding.


It will take you a few weeks to master the training and systems, then you'll have a our full support from our team to help you achieve the branding transformation you've been needing.

Your Financial Investment

We don't work for free and neither should you. While much of the information and coaching we provide "should" be made available for free for everyone to benefit from, the truth is we know you won't value our help if it didn't cost you anything. Also, we would burn out and resent our community if our time was not valued and we couldn't have have peace knowing our bills are covered. Which is why we are offering the Beauty First Method Foundations Program and Speaker School at the cost of $197/month for as long as you need us.

In terms of a digital makeover, if you were to try and hire an agency for a brand overhaul, even for just a small business or startup, it would cost you minimum $5,000 but more likely in the $40k-50k range. I charge my clients a minimum of $15,000 to build a basic revenue funnel. With the Beauty First Method Foundations Program, you get access to tools and techniques, as well as a community, that can be the affordable solution you need to make headway in your mission.

1. Let's Chat

If you like what you see here,but you're still not sure—you're welcome to chat with us to see if our offer can realistically help you in your current circumstances.

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2. Email us

Please reach out to us via email so we can walk you through the process and how our program can improve your prospects. We'd love to hear where you're at on your journey.

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3. Get Started

If you'd like access to the curriculum right away, you're welcome to dig in. Building a new revenue funnel can take anywhere from 3-6 months for someone with other responsibilities. We recommend stepping into this commitment with an understanding that results happen when you put the work in.

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Meet Your Coach

Alana is a passionate advocate for individual empowerment and a multidisciplinary creative strategist. With over 15 years of leadership experience founding initiatives that amplify marginalized voices, Alana helps purpose-driven professionals shape their personal brand identity. Her career highlights include spearheading a nonprofit storytelling project that challenged the global fertility industry, growing an email list from zero to 100,000 subscribers for a health summit, and working with her husband to pioneer an AI-assisted product design studio tailored for underserved communities.

Whether guiding a client to hone their brand messaging or coaching teams on effective communication strategies, Alana draws on her diverse background in think tank support, conference building, media management, and content creation. She believes personal branding should highlight one’s unique value while staying true to their core mission. Her insightful approach stems from a commitment to rehumanizing business practices that uplift people’s dignity.

As an alumni of San Francisco's world renowned Academy of Art University— having studied Advertising, now Alana is eager to empower visionary professionals to unlock their full potential. With expertise honed over 15 years of elevating brands, driving engagement, and catalyzing movements, she guides clients to define their voice, perfect their positioning, and share their gifts while building community.

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