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Beauty First Guide to Food & Fasting

Look Better On Camera

Introducing the Beauty First Guide to Food & Fasting – your ultimate roadmap to a radiant you, inside and out! Discover a curated collection of scrumptious, health-enhancing recipes tailored for the proper human diet. But this guide doesn't stop at delicious meals; it dives deep into the art and science of intermittent fasting, equipping you with actionable instructions and enlightening insights. Ever wondered about the evidence behind the advice? We've got you covered! With a comprehensive resource list of scientific studies, you can be confident in the knowledge you're nourishing your body with evidence-backed wisdom. Transform your relationship with food, embrace the healing power of fasting, and witness a more vibrant, energized, and beautiful you. Secure your guide now and embark on a delicious journey to holistic health and beauty.

What you'll get:

  • 7 Day Meal Plan + recipes
  • Myths & Lies List
  • Fasting schedule
  • Easy-to-comprehend descriptions of nutritional mechanisms
  • List of Beverages to Avoid
  • List of Refrigerator and Pantry Necessities

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