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90 Day Cookies

Our Beauty First Method online course is an investment, which is why we are proud to offer extended cookies periods for affiliate commissions so clients can fully consider their purchase.

Monthly Pay Outs

Your commission earnings will be delivered seamlessly at the end of each month via paypal or check in addition to a transaction report so you can see precisely what you earned from your audience.

50% Commission on All Digital Products

Our pipeline begins with a free book or webinar, but includes course material beyond $3,000. Our nurturing sequence is on point and relevant.

Help Your Audience Advance

Earn 50% commission on over $3,000 worth of high-converting books and course material in service of revenue funnel architecture and image development for tomorrow's thought leaders. Earn 25% commission on personalized revenue funnel building labor and services. These products and service will monetize life-giving movements with Alana's direction and trained eye. Help your audience strengthen their credibility in the public eye while benefiting from 90 day cookies, relevant content, and monthly pay-outs.

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